Small machinery and equipment for your task

We have regular machinery and equipment but we also have special machinery that can help our customers solve the most complex of tasks.

The machinery and equipment you’ll find in this category is:

  • Two-wheel tractor
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Lighting
  • Concrete buckets
  • Concrete vibrator
  • Vibrating beams
  • Demolition hammers and hammer drills
  • Fuel tanks
  • Diamond drilling
  • Electricity equipment
  • Generators
  • Drywall lifts
  • Power trowels
  • Trench shields
  • Machinery and equipment for landscape construction and paving
  • Floor sander
  • Handheld tools
  • Cutters and bending tools
  • Sewer equipment
  • Air compressor
  • Road plates
  • Lifting tools
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Vibratory plates
  • Pump equipment
  • Cleaning – industrial
  • Safety equipment
  • Cutting machines
  • Vibratory rammers
  • Welding equipment
  • Traffic security equipment – construction site fences
  • Trailers – loading ramps
  • Conveyor belts
  • Forced action mixers
  • Heat and ventilation
  • Fans and blowers

With this wide range of known brands to choose from we always have the opportunity to find the right piece of equipment for you, if you’re looking for something specific.

Additional attachments

For all the equipment and machinery you rent at GSV, we have made sure to make all the additional attachments, you might need, available to you.

Environment friendly initiatives

At GSV, we are deeply focused on the environment. We know that the construction industry has a big carbon footprint – but we want to do everything we can to limit emissions. We are cooperating with a lot of our suppliers to focus on battery driven machines – in our category of small machinery and equipment you can among other things find:

  • Battery driven vibratory plates
  • Battery driven vibratory rammers

Besides this, of course a lot of our handheld tools are battery driven.

Focus on work environment

Especially when it comes to handheld tools it is important to buy ergonomically correct machinery and equipment to ensure a healthy work environment. That is why we are always focusing on the newest development of products from our suppliers so we make sure that are customers have the best working conditions. Among other things, we have a lot of ergonomically correct lifting equipment.

Use the GSV app

If you use our app, you can always get a complete overview of the equipment you have rented at GSV. You can search for locations and case numbers and mark your construction projects as favorites so you’ll always know the status of your equipment on your construction sites.

You can find information on the individual machines, and if you need more equipment and machinery, you can easily and swiftly order it through the app. If you have finished using the equipment, you can just as easily and swiftly cancel it. 100 % overview on your cellphone – that’s nifty.

National service

We have departments all over the country which makes it easy for you to find a department close to you and your project, and at the same time it ensures that we don’t have to travel too far if we have to replace the machinery or equipment you have rented. That way we don’t waste valuable time, since we can provide services to you fast.