Sheds and modules

The possibilities are endless when it comes to mobile site huts, crew quarters, containers, temporary living quarters and cafeteria/office trailers.

We have lots of experience in setting up and building all types of modules, like offices, temporary living quarters, cafeterias and site accommodations. We will tailor a solution to your needs.

As an extra service we can offer anything from a cleaning arrangement to setting up and connecting the trailers and modules.

Whether renting or buying, we want to cater to your needs and wishes with the most optimal solution for your task.

In our own production we are constructing modern modules that comply with the current building regulations.

No task is too big, and no task is too small.

The equipment you’ll find in this category is:

  • Temporary living quarters
  • Containers
  • Entrance modules
  • Foreman trailers
  • Office trailers
  • Mobile site huts and decontamination trailers
  • Crew quarters
  • Restroom trailers
  • Additional attachments for mobile site huts and modules

Additional equipment

We have made sure that you can get all the additional equipment you might need for the mobile site huts and modules you rent at GSV. Among other things, we have a lot of different furniture you can rent, for example:

  • Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Refrigerators
  • Chairs
  • Lamps
  • Whiteboards

Use the GSV app

If you use our app, you can always get a complete overview of the equipment you have rented at GSV. You can search for locations and case numbers and mark your construction projects as favorites so you’ll always know the status of your equipment on your construction sites.

You can find information on the individual machines, and if you need more equipment and machinery, you can easily and swiftly order it through the app. If you have finished using the equipment, you can just as easily and swiftly cancel it. 100 % overview on your cellphone – that’s nifty.

You can’t book and cancel sheds, modules and mobile site huts in our app – you need to contact us for that.

National service

We have departments all over the country which makes it easy for you to find a department close to you and your project, and at the same time it ensures that we don’t have to travel too far if we have to replace the machinery or equipment you have rented. That way we don’t waste valuable time, since we can provide services to you fast.