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Nationwide & 24 hour service

We will help you no matter where and when

We are proud of our effective and swift service that gives you the opportunity to contact us when new needs occur or change. That means we can constantly amend your agreement so that you can use the equipment in the best way possible at any time.

We want to make things as easy for you as possible, and that is why our focus is to provide you with extensive service. We take care of compulsory inspection and general maintenance.

We are a nation-wide business with more than 20 branches across the country so we’re always near you. You can always contact our main number 70 12 13 15 so we can make sure you’re connected to the right branches, specialists and supporters who can help you find a solution to your task or issue, whether it’s planned or an emergency since we provide service round the clock.

24 hour service

We have established a rostering system so that you’re always able to get in touch with us. The rostering system takes effect outside our regular opening hours. 

By always making sure that we have a rapid response or provide you with replacement for the equipment, we ensure that you won’t experience any inconveniences or delays in your daily work.



Inquiries outside our regular opening hours:

  • Delivery of equipment:
    DKK 2880,- ex VAT + rental of equipment
  • Call for a fitter in the case of damages made by customer:
    DKK 2880,- ex VAT + time spent + spare parts


24 hour call service: 70 12 13 15