Railway equipment

GSV Materieludlejning was the first company in Denmark to start renting out equipment that was specially made for working on railways. In 2007, we bought the first machines, and since then our machinery has been growing year by year.

When renting our equipment, you can either choose to do the work yourself, or you can hire one of our skilled operators who have acquired special skills in working on rails. Flexibility is important to our customers, and that is why we offer an all-in service to ensure our customers can solve their acute needs right away without wasting time and resources.

Approved by Banedanmark and the Danish Transport Authority

All our equipment has been approved by Banedanmark and the Danish Transport Authority and has been equipped with height/yaw stop, flags and lights for signaling, electrical short circuit and earthing cables.

The equipment you’ll find in this category is:

  • Dump trucks with rail wheels
  • Excavators with height/yaw stop
  • Excavators on rail wheels
  • Cutter machines
  • Rail drilling machines
  • Lifting tools
  • Buffer stop – tube cube

We have a wide range of known brands to choose from, so we’re always able to try fulfilling your wishes if you want a specific kind of equipment.

Additional attachments

For all the equipment and machinery you rent at GSV, we have made sure to make all the additional attachments, you might need, available to you.

Extended service

At GSV, we know the importance of being available if there is a problem with the machinery or a sudden need for additional machines. More than 85 % of railway work happens in the evening, during the night or on weekends when the work causes the smallest inconveniences possible for the train traffic. Both our workshop and rental have round-the-clock service, so you can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – even on holidays.

Focus on work environment

Our equipment is fitted with both backup cameras and extra lights. This helps the operator to have a better view and helps to minimize accidents involving people, the equipment and materials.

Some of our equipment is also equipped with particle filters so the pollution is minimized and benefits the employees and the environment.

Use the GSV app

If you use our app, you can always get a complete overview of the equipment you have rented at GSV. You can search for locations and case numbers and mark your construction projects as favorites so you’ll always know the status of your equipment on your construction sites.

You can find information on the individual machines, and if you need more equipment and machinery, you can easily and swiftly order it through the app. If you have finished using the equipment, you can just as easily and swiftly cancel it. 100 % overview on your cellphone – that’s nifty.

National service

We have departments all over the country which makes it easy for you to find a department close to you and your project, and at the same time it ensures that we don’t have to travel too far if we have to replace the machinery or equipment you have rented. That way we don’t waste valuable time, since we can provide services to you fast.